Love and Hope AdoptionsThe Dream of Parenthood

Your dream of being a parent becomes a reality when you take the first step; start your adoption home study today.

At Love And Hope Adoptions we begin your home study the day you reach out to us and it can be completed in 4 to 5 weeks. It is up to you!

Love And Hope is licensed to perform all kinds of adoption home studies. These include but are not limited to; Newborn, Custody, Step Parent, Embryo, and Surrogate Adoption Home Studies.

Relax, be yourself, and let us guide you through the adoption home study process. At Love And Hope Adoptions, our goal is to make you, the adoptive parent, feel comfortable.

The home study process should not be worrisome but we understand why you may be nervous. Part of our adoption home study service is to guide you, listen, understand, and answer any questions you may have.


Do You Have to be Married?

For a domestic adoption you can be single, married, divorced, childless, already parenting other children.

Yes, single people can adopt too! Often a hopeful adoptive parent will not know this. At Love And Hope Adoptions, all those seeking to become adoptive parents and anyone wishing to place a child for adoption  are respected and helped.

What About Pets?

Your pets should be gentle with children and have no history of biting. You will need to show current veterinary records which include shot information.

For How Long is the Adoption Home study Valid?

Adoption home studies are good for one year from the date of completion but when certain changes occur in your life, the home study also needs to be updated even if it has not been a year yet.

This is something that hopeful adoptive parents can overlook but it is your responsibility to maintain your adoption home study current. If you move, change jobs, etc., you will have to contact Love And Hope so we can update your home study.

It never seems to fail; when you get matched, that is when adoptive parents realize the background checks have expired, or something else needs to be updated. Do not panic. We are here to help and can expedite your adoption home study update but it is always best to have your home study current.


Love And Hope Adoptions prices are one time fees. There are no application fees, additional, hidden, extra, late, mileage or travel fees.

Florida Home Studies

Domestic Home Study $1,250.00

Adoption Home Study Updates $700.00

Love And Hope also does Custody, Step Parent, Embryo, and Surrogate Adoption Home Studies. (These are also Domestic Home Studies).

Post-Placement Assessments $300

Pennsylvania Home Studies

Domestic Home Study $1,250.00

Adoption Home Study Updates $700.00

Love And Hope also does Custody, Step Parent, Embryo, and Surrogate Adoption Home Studies (These are also Domestic Home Studies).

Post-Placement Assessments $300

Love And Hope Adoptions is a fully licensed Adoption agency.

Licensed in Florida by DCF.

Licensed in Pennsylvania by DCYF.

Love And Hope Adoptions works side by side with other adoption agencies, adoption consultants, and adoption attorneys to help you adopt sooner.

Love And Hope is very fortunate to have amazing, wonderful social workers who are committed to the families and children they work with. All social workers are MSWs or LCSWs.

Love And Hope Adoptions handles every home study with professionalism, attention to detail, and adherence to adoption laws and procedures. We assure all hopeful adoptive families that their Love And Hope home study will meet their specific adoption desires.

Love And Hope in PA 

We serve hopeful adoptive families throughout Pennsylvania; from large metro areas to small unknown towns.

Once you chose to start your adoption home study, your Love And Hope  social worker will e-mail you to get your home visit scheduled.

For questions or to get started please email

Love And Hope Adoptions in Florida

We cover the entire state of Florida from the Panhandle to the Keys; large metro areas and unknown little towns.

Once you chose to start your adoption home study with Love And Hope Adoptions your assigned social worker will e-mail or call you to get your home visit scheduled.

For questions or to get started please email

What Questions Can You Expect?

Here are a few examples of the kinds of questions we will ask to prepare your home study:

How do you resolve disagreements with your spouse or partner?

What are your thoughts about parenting and how will you discipline?

Who will be the guardian for your children if something should happen to you?

Please reach out to us with your questions or to begin your adoption home study. Email


What about criminal background checks?

***Always remember to follow the instructions we provide for you.

Schedule your fingerprinting appointment through the website we recommend on your home study packet. The facilities listed on the website are approved by your home state.

****We highly recommend that you stay with the state approved vendors from the website we provide you so no delays in your criminal background checks will be experienced.

The First Step in Any Adoption Journey

Your adoption home study is the very first step in any adoption. Your home study is required by your attorney, your adoption agency, and your consultant, if you are using one.

Your adoption home study is also presented to the adoption or orphan court if adopting internationally. Lastly  to USICS if you are applying for the child’s visa.

If you are applying for an adoption grant or other type of adoption financial assistance, your approved adoption home study needs to be presented.

Finally anyone else who is part of your individual adoption journey will request your approved adoption home study. This includes the ICPC office, if your child is born in a different state than where you maintain residence.

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