November 27, 2016

Home Studies

Adoption Home Studies: What You Need To Know!

An adoption home study is the first step in any adoption.

The first step to adopting a child of any age is to complete the home study. The study is actually your approval to adopt, based on the adoption laws and statutes of your state of residence.

Once your adoption home study is completed, it will be seen by your adoption agency, adoption consultant, the state, the judge who will be finalizing your adoption. ***The birth parents or placing family will never, ever, see your home study. 

The home study process includes completing your criminal background checks and all that is required by your state of residence to legally adopt and be approved for the adoption of children.

The adoption home study process should not cause you stress.

Love And Hope Adoptions will work with you, the adoptive parents, throughout the entire home study process and remain available to you until you finalize your adoption in court. The goal of the home visits is also to get to know, you, the adoptive parents, and learn about your dreams of becoming a parent. 

***Adoptive parents worry about the size of their home and how well decorated it is but these have nothing to do with how you will parent or your adoption approval. The home study time should be an exciting one because you are closer to becoming a parent/your child’s adoption. At Love and Hope Adoptions, we do not want you to stress over the home study. Our professional social workers are often adoptive parents themselves and understand your journey. They will help you to relax during the home visits and remind you of how exciting this time, in your life, really is.

Keep the information updated at all times.

It is the adoptive parents’ responsibility to maintain their adoption home study current. If you move, change jobs/careers, someone moves in or out of the home, etc…you need to contact Love And Hope Adoptions to maintain your adoption home study current and valid. 

***Adoption home studies are good for one year because all background checks have to be renewed annually.