July 27, 2017

Starting Your Home Study

1. Are you a licensed adoption agency?

A. Yes, we are! We are licensed in Pennsylvania by DHS, licensed in Tennessee by DCS and licensed in Florida by DCF.

2. Does your agency do home studies where we live?

A. Yes, absolutely. ****Love and Hope Adoptions covers all of PA and TN.  You are never charged mileage. We also cover most of FL. Our social workers live and work locally to serve adoptive parents best.

3. How long is the home study process?

A. Our agency completes home studies in 4 to 5 weeks but you can set the pace for your own study.

4. What if other family members live with me/us or I/we live with them?

A. That does not matter nor does it affect your home study approval. **All adults living in the household will need background checks completed, even if they are not adopting.

5. What if you are renting and do not own a home?

A. You do not need to own a home in order to adopt a child. Your home/apartment does not need to be a certain size either.

6. If we have other children at home, can the adopted child share a bedroom with them?

A. Yes, absolutely, if they are the same gender.

7. Do you have to be married?

For domestic adoption, you can be single, married, divorced, childless, or already parenting other children. Yes, single people can absolutely adopt and Love and Hope Adoptions serves many single adoptive parents each year!! 

At Love And Hope Adoptions, all those seeking to become adoptive parents or anyone wishing to place a child for adoption, are equally respected and helped.

8. How long is an adoption home study good for?

Adoption home studies are good for one year because background checks have to be renewed annually.

***You will want to redo those background checks (if you have not had an adoptive placement during the first year) and maintain your results current/not allowing them to expire so that your home study can remain “current” for any adoptive placement possibility.

It is the adoptive parents’ responsibility to maintain their adoption home study current.

If you move, change jobs/careers, someone moves in or out of the home, etc…you need to contact Love and Hope Adoptions to maintain your adoption home study current and valid. 

9. What about pets?

It is perfectly OK to have pets as long as they are friendly and do not pose a threat to children. Your pet cannot have any history of biting and you need to show current veterinary records. Most pets make wonderful companions and enrich the lives of children and the lives of their owners.