Adoptions - 5 year old girl

Love and Hope Adoptions is a non profit, licensed, child placing, adoption agency.

We work with placing and adoptive families, nationwide for the adoption of children between 5-12 years old. Children available for adoption are not in foster care. 

These children are being placed for adoption by their “biological” parents or their adoptive parents who are seeking another adoptive family. Every adoption situation is unique and each placing family has their reasons why an adoptive placement is best.

Love and Hope Adoptions works with the placing family for several months before beginning the matching process. 

Those interested in adoption through Love and Hope Adoption Services need to provide a current and approved home study. If you do not have a current home study, we can provide home study services in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Florida.

Love and Hope Adoptions maintains low/minimal fees for adoptive families seeking to adopt older children. 


***Any picture you see on this website is of a child model***
Love and Hope Adoptions does not post pictures of the children being placed for adoption.